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100 years ago, all food was organic. It grew in clean, mineral-rich soil and clean, mineral-rich water. Even our food distribution system has created waste in food, carbon, and land—while encouraging the use of chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, and more.


Today, real food has been replaced by corporate-produced fast, cheap, addictive, processed food-like stuff.

Purium offers a solution that benefits our bodies as well as the Earth.

We take fresh, non-GMO, organic produce from the field and convert nearly 100% of it into stable powder that can last for up to 2 years. One single truck transports the entire field's superfoods to our in-house manufacturing facility where we test it for optimum quality and package it to be shipped right to your doorstep. While it may travel by truck or plane, the mass transport technique acts as a shared ride for our products.

  • ALL Purium products are 100% NON-GMO.

  • We back up everything we sell with a 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee.

  • We are committed to education and sharing that knowledge with you.

  • We offer certified kosher and certified organic food products.

Water, Water, Everywhere!

You are not a body with water, you are water with a body. We are told that our body and our planet are comprised of approximately 70% water. What we are not told, is that on a molecular level, the trillions of cells that make up your body are actually composed of 99.9% water. Your health will be measured by the life within the water; so, be sure to choose your water wisely.

Water is the most amazing substance on the planet and is the key to sustaining all life. The type of water you drink will either give life or take it away. It will decide how, and how much, your cells absorb nutrients, remove toxins, and how effectively they behave and communicate.

Wu Wei Structured Water Units

The Wu Wei and Natural Action Structured Water Units by Natural Action Technologies are a new technology for water treatment that utilizes nature’s own methodsproducing cleaner, softer, smoother water without the use of chemicals, filters, salts, electricity, or complex metal alloys for a truly maintenance-free water conditioning system.


They also cleans the memory of water, increase the biophotonic resonance, and balance the water back into harmony!


This new technology employs an innovative application and advanced understanding of the vortex phenomenon utilizing the dynamic characteristic of water itself to create a “fluid machine” that works at the molecular level. This “fluid machine” alters the molecular structure of water, activating and retaining the healthful benefits of minerals and characteristics, while excess suspended solids, contaminants, and sediment are dynamically isolated.

BodyHealth Products
Ingredients from Nature

From daily health to performance to weight loss and detoxificationBodyHealth has you covered!

The PerfectAmino line provides you with the absolute best protein source available. My favorites are the PerfectAmino Tabs and the PerfectAmino Power Meal. 

Metal-Free and Body Detox are amazing oral sprays to help the body rid itself of the worst toxins imaginable.

Complete Multi and Perfect Greens feed your body with the best daily nutrients possible, enabling it to function and get you through your busy day.

These cutting-edge solutions and many more are available to you by clicking any picture to the right. 


HERE is where you find high-quality supplements made with pure, organic, vegan sourced ingredients, to help your body achieve and optimize health and vitality!!