Your One-Stop Guide to Achieving Radiant Health & Longevity 

The Raw Truth to Longer Living
    Quality Above All
      Live Youthfully
      Have Fun with Whole Foods
      Take Control of Your Life
It's time to get back-to-basics and learn the true meaning of living!
Discover the secrets to unleashing the true quality of your existence by mastering the complex relationship between food biochemistry and your body's biochemistry.
" The doctor of the future will give no medicines, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the causes and prevention of disease." Thomas Edison
About the Book
This book is your guide to restoring foundational health and well-being. I will take you through my personal journey into the raw lifestyle and share a plethora of my research, resources, and tips:
Quality above all! Learn why the quality of a food can be more vital than the food itself. Meaning, the place of origin (where it grows), growing and harvesting conditions (grown organically or wild-crafted), and post-harvesting practices (methods utilized for food-processing and preservation).
“You are what you eat!” Gain a better understanding of the biochemistry of food and how it directly affects the biochemistry of the human brain and bodyhealth-lifting versus health-leeching.
Live youthfully! Discover the best of the best in superfoods, superfruits, and superherbs; including the absolute 'must have' ingredients you will need in your kitchen for preventing and reversing all that contributes to aging. It’s never too early, and it’s never too late.
Have fun with whole foods! Learn how easy it can be to create living and raw food alternatives to conventional classics. I share well over 250 tried and tested recipes and quick tips to kick-start your journey to rejuvenation. All are as tantalizingly delicious as they are transformative to your health.
Take control of your life! Obtain the knowledge required to truly respect your body and take responsibility for your health. Stop poisoning your mind and body, and don’t allow yourself, or someone you love, to fall into the trap of synthetic substances and pharmaceutical drugs.
A Note from the Author

How should this book be read to best obtain its message and purpose? A client asked this question and, because I felt it to be profound and relevant, I decided to answer it for all. Although this book has many recipes, its intended purpose is to serve as a supportive guide—one that can shift the focus back towards the importance of health, quality over quantity, and true longevity.


Therefore, this book is best read from beginning to end. In many parts of the book, my writing style is more casual and conversational. I deliberately go off on tangents with the hopes of getting a point across. I also share many tips and tricks that cannot be appreciated if one is to skip and skim through. At first, I was disappointed by not having an index; in retrospect, I truly appreciate it. It causes my readers to do a bit more digging and research which, ironically, is exactly my intention for them with ALL things faced in life.

If you are eager to start on the delish recipes, I ask that you at least read all of Chapter 6 and 7. Please be sure to read Blending Herbs and Spices (at the beginning of Chapter 7), as well as all the quick tips that precede each set of recipes.

Thank you again, to all of you who continue to put your trust and faith in my passion and dedication to research. If you have found my book to be helpful on your path and journey to improved health and wellness, please be sure to leave a testimonial.


To all of you who have already purchased a copy of my book, thank you soo very much! It is a labor of love and I truly appreciate all the enthusiasm and support from everyone. Karen A. Di Gloria