An enormous thank you to everyone who contributes a testimonial. I learn just as much from my clients as they learn from me. We are all students of the universe.  Karen A. Di Gloria


"I have worked with Karen Di Gloria for over a year now and can confidently say that I not only trust her with my life but I am confident she was the catalyst in healing my chronic illness.  


In 2016 I was completely debilitated with a loss of speech, movement, memory, and ability to function. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and multiple other conditions and started the process of going through multiple doctors until I finally landed in Tampa Florida in May 2017 to be treated at Sponaugle Wellness. I met Karen in June 2017 and began subsidizing my protocol in Sponaugle with Karen's biofeedback process. I soon learned that Karen's capability stretched well beyond biofeedback and into nutrition (I own her book which is my bible of information and recipes. It's so dog-eared I need to think about getting another copy), supplements, emotional trauma, and spirituality. I left Tampa in August 2017 to return home to Pennsylvania but was able to utilize Karen's services weekly with the Remote SCIO (now Quest 9). This process was simple and easy to plan. Remote work is incredibly powerful and being in the comfort of your home was a nice added benefit. I was able to order supplements easily from Karen which was a relief given her expertise in evaluating the proper supplements for my needs. This saved me attempting to 'pick' the right one in the jungle of supplements available. I learned muscle testing of supplements as well as the proper balance of foods to heal me most effectively. I have utilized all of Karen's skills weekly for the last year and not only do I feel better overall but I can now call Karen my friend. 


When I look back at my healing journey I realize that there are certain people who stand out as being the ones who taught you about yourself. Karen provides the guidance to not only help you heal but very carefully weaves incremental information about how to continue to manage your health in the future by helping you help yourself.


I feel eternally grateful that I found Karen and benefited from her experience to help me heal and would recommend her to anyone who is looking to better understand their body, energy, and practical practices needed to live a healthy life." Lori S.


“Can I say that Karen is a lifesaver? I have a complicated, chronic health condition. Doctors just made it so bad, I wasn't going to let them touch me anymore. A friend of mine in South Florida is a biofeedback practitioner and gave me a session. I felt so much better! So, when I moved to Tampa, I did research on the SCIO machine and found it’s the best and the techs have the best training. That's also how I found Karen.


When I first started, I felt like crap every day. Heart palpitations, air hunger, weakness, hypoglycemic, fibromyalgia...some things I can't even remember. I would go for sessions and immediately feel better! She and I over the years have reduced my issues to where I can function normally and even workout a half hour a day. She is also very smart and caring. Between what the SCIO would pick up and our detective work, we narrowed what was causing most of my issues. I pick her brains LOL. Any doctor would have released me for being so intense on finding out what went wrong. Not Karen. She wants to solve my puzzle just as much as me. SCIO picked up things that were almost psychic. It told me a had a trauma at 44. Guess what? I had a trauma at 44 that started this whole thing. It also said I had unresolved healing and Karen pointed to my side. I have a scar there from surgery that no one has seen nor do I talk about; and several other dozen things that are just unbelievable!


Karen has given me hope that I can resolve these issues and return to normal. Karen and SCIO (now Quest 9) have given me my aha! answers. The doctors would have had me on several medications had I went that route. I am truly healing because now I know what I have to do with Karen’s guidance. I will suggest to anyone who has unsorted issues to research quantum physics and give biofeedback (with an experienced tech like Karen) a try. This is the only thing I have tried in a multitude of therapies that has really, truly, actually worked.”  Denise C.


"Karen A. Di Gloria...who is she to me?

I have known Karen for almost 20 years now. To me, Karen is a friend, a nurse, a doctor, a therapist, and a spiritual guide. She has helped me through many self-imposed obstacles in my life. Karen has never judged, shamed, or criticizedshe only encourages and helps to bring the information that is already within us to the surface. Thanks to her support, I eat a better diet (not perfect!), I quit smoking, stopped using drugs, and I am more likely to listen to what my gut is saying before I act.

I have never met a person who is as dedicated and passionate in helping those who desire a better life, to dig in to their inner self, and search for the answers and strength that are already within. 

If you are looking to improve a situation in your life, whether it is physical or emotional, I truly believe Karen would be a great place to start on that journey." — Adam K.


"Today there is so much data out there on health and healing it can be hard to know who and what to trust and what to do in order to get to or maintain optimum health. Well, Karen is a rare gem. She truly knows her stuff and studies things to the highest degree, be it EPR Biofeedback or QRA.


I have done both to great results. She is so caring and in tune with people which adds a whole new dimension to her treatment. It is also her passion, she truly is hungry for knowledge about the best healing methodologies and everything that can help you from superfoods to supplements, and she shares this font of knowledge with her clients.


You cannot go wrong with a visit to Karen, I promise you. The only thing you need is a willingness to improve and Karen will absolutely set you on the path to better all-round wellness." — Sara C.


"Karen Di Gloria and Biofeedback Life Changer

My relationship with Karen started many years ago. I felt we were kindred spirits on the same path when we met. Over time I had grown to trust Karen's instincts and her wisdom to know what certain supplements, super-foods, and nutrition were best. She has educated herself on many different holistic modalities and is a registered nurse. Karen had mentioned to me in passing about this machine that would help recognize certain things happening in your body. I thought it sounded great but wasn't really sure what she had meant.


At this time, I was seeing a holistic physician who was trying to diagnose certain ailments that I was having with little to no success. I was feeling really hopeless and thought my life was over. I called Karen to make an appointment to let her know what was happening with my test results. She thought that I could benefit from her biofeedback device. After all this time I had nothing to lose. I tried one session and was blown away. I felt so much better and continued getting sessions for six months. Life changer!! If you don't have your health you have nothing. No quality of life. I had my life back. My body was healing. I'm grateful every single day that I have Karen in my life. She helped me when no one else could. I recommend to anyone who has any health issues to try a session. You won't regret it." Phoebe C.


"Karen Di Gloria is one of the most intelligent, honest, kind, and genuinely caring people I have ever had the honor to know. She is the ultimate researcher and is so knowledgeable when it comes to the human body and nutrition, that it is mind boggling.


Karen has been a mentor to me and I have learned so much from her. People trust her because she does the work and the research before she recommends or promotes anything. Her credibility is extremely high in our community with good reason—her integrity, reputation, and passion for finding the right solution tailored to the individual are unparalleled. I am truly honored to call her my friend and mentor." Sonia M. 


“A ‘healer’ is not someone that you go to for healing; a healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself. This is what Karen has shown me!


My journey with Karen has been very eye-opening...among many other things!


I met Karen about 7 years ago. At that time, I had a few health issues. We started working together on them—and then eventually on the root causes. Being a paraplegic, issues arise! She has taught, supported, encouraged, and inspired me.


She kept me grounded when things got tuff. She saw me through some downfalls, which included a big surgery!


Yes, I may get off track a little, we’ll laugh about it, but she can always see the fire in my eyes that I truly want to help myself.


I really don't think I would be able to be doing this well without her deep knowledge of the whole picture.


Her ongoing research, and how she looks at things, is absolutely amazing!


Living my life out of a wheelchair and staying independent can be a ruff job. I’m grateful that she gives me the support and knowledge to keep on rolling.


I also have been on a journey of awakening—finding more peace deep inside, breaking some old mental habits, and becoming more grounded. With the help of Karen's intense talks and support with this, it hasn't been soo uneasy (getting rid of old mental habits can be very difficult!).


Her honesty is much appreciated!


Thank you, Karen, for helping me see what I HAVE to live a healthy, fulfilling, and productive life. Of course, I have to work on it every day! Your love, light, caring, beauty, and peace helps me grow! I will always be SOO grateful that our paths have crossed!


Love, Light, Peace, and Happiness to you always!” — Pamela J.


“Karen has taught me so much about healing. Healing is a deep, reflective, tedious, heart-guided path which takes a lot of humbling and commitment. She is dedicated to help others in need. She holds such tenacity in her heart and has the willingness to share this with the world.


I have gone through many stages/layers of healing and there is no doubt in my mind that Karen has played a huge role in my healing journey. She is hardcore with her approach; she deals with no BS. She is a great friend, a mentor, a warrior—who wants the best for all. She truly cares about the happiness of others, and her enthusiasm to assist with all her might has been one of the many inspirational qualities about Karen.


I am truly honored and blessed to have had the chance to get to know Karen personally, and the seeds that she has planted in me will continue to sprout new ideas, hopes, and self-love that will last a life time. I am so grateful to have crossed path with this lovely lady. You will always have a warm place in my heart, Karen.” — Rei F.


“Four years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Di Gloria at Rawk Star Cafe in Florida; I purchased her book and my journey began!

Karen is a one of kind Whole Life Coach & Biofeedback Specialist. She portrays a high level of sincerity and professionalism in every task she undertakes. Her comprehensive approach combined with cutting edge interventions and in-depth personalized assessment make her very unique. She firmly believes in eating healthy, using the highest quality superfoods and nutritional supplements available; thereby, giving her clients the ability to achieve and maintain their personal health goals.” — Davonne S.


“I have known Karen for a little over 3 years now, personally and professionally. The thing that I like and admire is Karen is consistent with her kindness and professionalism when helping with matters of your health. She is very good at getting down to the root of the problem, which I believe is the only way to heal the body, mind, and spirit.


I would recommend Karen to anyone serious about their health and well-being.” — Venus D.


"My Life has improved 1000% since Karen Di Gloria became my nutritionist. I saw Karen for the first time in October 2016. For the past 10 months I have completed her biofeedback trainings, read her book SuperNaturawl Newtrition, and followed ALL of her nutritional advise. My health and well-being have radically improved thanks to Karen's advice, guidance, and encouragement!!

When I first met Karen, I was taking eight prescription medications. Now I am only on two prescription medications and those two are at half the dosage from a year ago. Karen's encyclopedic knowledge of proper nutrition is simply astounding; and her total commitment to improving my health was something I've never experienced with any healthcare provider. Karen is a caring and compassionate person who truly wants to help her clients.

I am 66 years old. I currently have Parkinson's disease (15 years), depression (25 years), an anxiety disorder (20 years), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (55 years). I am now coping with these problems much better than I have in the past 55 years. My Parkinson's symptoms have decreased. My depression is greatly reduced. My anxiety levels are much lower. My obsessive-compulsive disorder is almost nonexistent, and all of these improvements have occurred in spite of radically reducing or eliminating my use of prescription medications.

I have also been blessed with the following health improvements:

I have lost 45 pounds of excess weight. My waist is 7 inches smaller. My severe constipation is gone. My lower back pain is substantially lessoned, and often nonexistent. My hemorrhoids have disappeared. My swollen hands and ankles no longer exist. My blood pressure went from 140/90 to 90/60. My severe allergies no longer trouble me. The aches and pains throughout my body are almost nonexistent. My cholesterol has been reduced. My triglycerides have been radically reduced from 399 to 170. My blood sugar is in the normal range. My energy level is much higher. I could barely walk a quarter-mile without being tired and in great pain. Now I can walk many miles with no problems and no pain.

I did not make all my nutritional diet changes all at once. Every month I followed Karen's instructions and increased my commitment to eating a healthy diet by making more and more diet changes. My diet now is basically a whole plant-based diet. I eat no beef, no chicken, no pork, and very little fish. I eat no processed foods. I buy only organic food items. I eat no dairy products. I take some supplements, all recommended by Karen for my specific needs. Plus, every day I eat several superfoods. I also eat lots of super salads and drink a super smoothie every day.

Karen's Rawk Star Café and Superfood Marketplace has the best protein powders, superfoods, supplements, and other nutritional items available anywhere and the prices are very reasonable. Sometimes the prices are lower than Amazon!!

If you want to TOTALLY improve your health and well-being, I highly recommend that you meet Karen and have her guide you on your personal journey to a Healthy Disease-Free Life based on the best possible plant-based nutritional diet."  John P.